Cecily Felber is the author of A Winter's Tale, the first in a series of medieval adventures set in 12th century England and Wales.  She's been having a love affair with history for as long as she can remember, especially all things English, Welsh and Scottish.  She has launched two incredible children into the world and now lives in the woods by a river in western Oregon with two ageing cats, a husband and a Dutch bunny, acquired in that order, where she is finishing up her second book, Women of Powys, and getting started on the third, Storm Summer.


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A Winter's Tale

As the year 1141 dawns in England, the rivalry between the two claimants for the throne bursts into open conflict.  Gambling on who the winner will be, needing their friendship, Brenin Madog ap Maredudd of Powys takes his men to the ensuing battle and afterwards sends his heir Rhodri off on a simple errand that becomes a journey fraught with danger as he must go against treacherous lords, enemy Cymry and even his brother to keep hold of the lady who has captured his heart. Now available in multiple ebook formats at Smashwords and in print on Wordclay!  Click on the links to the left to order now!



Women of Powys

With Rhodri and Alicia brought safely home to Mathrafal, attention is turned to Lord Ifor of Cynllaith, caught up in a plot to betray Powys to Brenin Owain of Gwynedd.  Hoping Morganís marriage to Iforís daughter is the answer, Madog instead finds Owainís vicious brother Cadwaladr already contending for the young lady, a sinister Frenchman who takes far too much interest in Alicia, and a rival Brenin willing to dare open warfare in his bid for dominance.   Coming soon!

Women of Powys





Storm Summer

In England, Empress Maud continues moving toward the moment when she will undeniably be Queen, but her path is far from smooth and her rival Queen Matilda is bending every effort to free her husband and restore him as King.  Brenin Madog, concerned lest Maud forget the role of Powys in the victory of Lincoln, decides to gamble yet again and sends Rhodri, Alicia and his sons and daughter to Maudís crowning, little suspecting the tumultuous events they will find themselves caught up in.



Harvest of Folly

In the wake of the events at Westminster, Empress Maud is desperate to keep her supporters from losing faith that she will be crowned Queen and among them is Rhodri, who finds himself tempted with that which could bring about his and Madogís dream of uniting the Cymry.  Yet Queen Matilda is more determined than ever to press forward with the advantage she has won.  Increasingly, all eyes turn to Winchester and Bishop Henry, now Maudís only hope of being legitimately crowned.




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